The story chapters follow Yamato, Tsubasa, Shoya, and Tsubasa's uncle, Dr. Sakuma, on a surreal quest to save an alien world they barely know, filled with peaceful and intelligent bugs, and a strange magic. In a fight against the Dr. Gidoh and the Black Swarm, a dark army sweeping the beautiful Cimexus in an attempt to utilize that magic, destroying anyone in their way thanks to the Master Cards, which transform the citizens of Cimexus into drones, powerful mechanized war machines controlled completely by their human pilot.

While more mature audiences would posit that the main game is the Badlands, the story chapters must be played to unlock new drones, and thus, new characters to learn about. There are over 25 missions in the story, and 13 allies to recruit, each unique. hrough the course of the game, the battles are moreso intended for fun and storyline*, with most missions containing various secrets or optional difficulty. One of the most dominant aspects of optional difficulty is never touching the Badlands to level up or earn great gear before finishing the game, turning the Story Mode into strategic hell.

Easy/Normal/Hard difficulty is handled entirely by the difficulty of winning in the card minigames, and the AI's intelligence and choices. Although, this has a profound effect on the Badlands.

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