Drone Tactics Chapter 12a
Again, the heading for these chapters is wrong, stating that heading through the plains will result in more and tougher enemies and less terrain, with the mountains resulting in the opposite. The 'plains', which is a river separating a beach and a forest clearing, results in one less enemy, less exp, less difficult enemies, leaves out two powerful potentially game-changing cards, but gains the Hornet Fury card and 6 level 2 attack cards, which is enough to create the final level 3 card so early.
The 'mountains' has better terrain, more difficult enemies, including two fireflies and requiring excellent strategy to destroy, a Mosquito Bite card (heals for the total damage dealt, essentially potentially more powerful than any normal healing card without wasting a drone's turn), enough Butterfly Kiss cards to create a Monarch Kiss card (ranged full heal, sixth card in the healing sets, whe
Drone Tactics Chapter 12b
re no-Badlands players will have only just recieved one Butterfly Kiss in the previous mission and haven't made the first full heal card yet), a 500t capsule, 2 more Mantis Touch cards, 3 Grass Hopping cards, and more experience in general. It misses out on 1 Bee's Revenge, 1 Orbweaver, and 2 Oakleaf Decoys, along with the Hornet Fury and 6 Beetle Horn cards, though it still gets 3 Beetle Horns.

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