Drone Tactics Crest

Crests are symbols of power littered about Cimexus. By inputting them into the Crests screen by drawing the lines from the different bugs, linking them together, each crest will result in a card.

The crest glyphs are actually all of the drones (and field objects) in the game, set to interesting patterns. The three main kids' drones in the middle row, the four first-met secondary characters' drones above and below, with Dr. Gidoh and Dr. Sakuma's drones above and below them. Beside them are the other two subordinate units' drones, and beside them are the Four Generals' drones. Below and above them are the four soldier drones, and in the middle again are the two field objects. Comparing their placement on the crests screen leads to some interesting findings.

Most of the crests are not found in levels, and instead, are found on the Drone Tactics official website.

Story ModeEdit

Chapter 10Edit

Drone Tactics Chapter 10 DT Card 34 Beetle Acid

Though it looks like a mountain cut in half, the symbol is actually the half X. The middle-point of the X is on the fourth row of the crests screen, the firefly and pillbug, not the third row. This crest results in a Beetle Acid card.


Badlands 14Edit

Drone Tactics Badlands 14 DT Card 07 Cricket Song

This crest results in a Cricket Song card. Ironically, athough stated on the official website that the crest does not appear in-game, it is actaully the first crest the player will find in the Bad Lands, assuming you play the levels numerically.

Badlands 32Edit

Drone Tactics Badlands 32 DT Card 59 Snail Armor

This crest results in a Snail Armor card.

Badlands 52Edit

400px DT Card 18 Ladybug Luck

This crest results in a Ladybug Luck card.

Badlands 58Edit

Drone Tactics Badlands 58 DT Card 14 Spider Thread

This crest results in a Spider Thread card.

Official WebsiteEdit

Tri TetraEdit

Tri Tetra Crest DT Card 20 Tri-Tetra

The strategic power of the Tetra is virtually unlimited, and this card allows the user to place not one, but three of them on the field. Equivalent to the card user in level, these large structures can be used to impede enemy progress, shelter a wounded unit,or cut off powerful pursuers, but that's not all. Use them in a way that best suits your style of tactical warfare.

–Official Description

Mosquito BiteEdit

Mosquito Bite Crest DT Card 36 Mosquito Bite

The mosquito targets its opponent in stealth and strikes with deadly and rapid precision. Using this card allows the holder to convert the damage dealt into energy, much as the mosquito uses its enemies' blood to sustain itself.

–Official Description

Mantis DecoyEdit

Mantis Decoy Crest DT Card 56 Mantis Decoy

A master of altering perception, a praying mantis is capable of creating the illusion that it is larger and more menacing than its predators initially believe. By using a similar strategy, the holder of the Mantis Decoy card can move at unparalleled speeds to evade enemy attacks. This card is best used in a situation where it is of dire importance that a unit is not hit, or to postpone otherwise imminent destruction until help can arrive.

–Official Description

Hornet FuryEdit

Hornet Fury Crest DT Card 52 Hornet Fury

Revenge is said to be sweeter than honey, but the hornet is the reigning power over both. Using this card allows the user to take their own version of a hornet's revenge, by retaliating against a counter with the same amount of damage incurred. When expecting an attack that will all but cripple a unit, this card can return the same devastating blow to the attacker.

–Official Description

Bee StingEdit

Bee Sting Crest DT Card 37 Bee Sting

One of the most feared insects in the world, the bee is quick to anger and will retaliate against an attack even if it's own life must be forfeited. This card is similar in nature, allowing the user to attack a foe using all but one hit point as damage. While it is a powerful attack, it is also a desperate one.

–Official Description