Drone Tactics Characters Misaki

Dr. Misaki is one of the Four Generals of the Black Swarm. Her drone is Nyght-R, a spider drone. She is Dr. Gidoh's understudy, and worked and learned beside Dr. Sakuma for years, who only recently left to pursue his own life. She is cold and callous, and doesn't have any concern for Dr. Sakuma and the rebellion.

Her drone is Nyght-R, is a Huntsman spider.

Official art of Dr. Misaki, one of the Four Generals.

Spider drone. Her drone's name is a reference to fear, darkness, and lying in wait. It could also be a reference to an obscure Japanese word? She refers to the spider as a huntsman spider. Huntsman spiders are the more revolting-looking spiders, and because of their appearance, they've been made out to be in many urban legends and superstitions and fear in general. Spiders are arachnids bugs have 6 legs arachnids have 8.