Drone Tactics Characters Gonbei

Gonbei is considered the most elite of the subordinate units and characters (and most definitely tries to look the part), and is the second most central character of all the subordinate characters, Raphael being the most central. His partner is Hiroto, and the two join halfway through the game.

He is a well-learned and skillful doctor, and upon joining the group, takes on the role of the group's doctor, referenced in quite a lot of the chapters after his joining. He is further characterized by talking in a very old western speech, mixing in a few English words every now and then, making where he came from very confusing, especially with very light brown hair, (his dialect,) but his japanese name. What is very japanese is his old age also attributing him to be kooky and unpredictable.

His drone is Friz-B, a very wacky name, but relates him and the name to the cicada's ability to make very loud deafening noise constantly, causing hearing loss if too close, and a frisbee can cause serious injury if struck to the head. Both the cicada and a frisbee would be very effective against a flying creature if either ever attacked them. Cicadas are eaten as food in many places, and in Japan in particular, cicadas are commonly referenced in old stories, legends, and culture. Ironically, some call the cicada a 'locust'. A trait missing from the cicadas of the game is that it regularly molts, easily interpreted as high defenses. Although the cicada does have somewhat higher defenses, it is not enough to reduce damage much at all.

Despite the fact that he is wearing what looks to be pilot gear, with a parachute backpack and a map rolled inside of it, leather gloves, binoculars on his chest, and a canteen on his hip, he also comically wears a cliché doctor's light-reflective headgear, but it is entirely unfunctional due to it popping out rather than caving in. Most players will probably be caught in a psychological trap, thinking Gonbei is canonically an expert pilot due to his appearance, because all other characters dress their stereotypical part. In actuality, being a pilot is never mentioned or close to being mentioned in the game at all, and he is simply dressed as he is to assert him as being the most elite and war-adjusted of the subordinate characters.