The Killer Bee drone is a maximum tactical output specialized drone. The bee flies, has decent guns for a melee unit, and has the most powerful defense in the game. Janie pilots a bee drone.


Drone Tactics Unit BeeBEE "Good SPD & melee"
wings, MOV 5. MA 120. melee-dominant air unit. no special abilities.

LV2 220 23 10 54 39 102 101
LV16 360 65 10 110 95 130 115
LV30 500 107 10 166 151 158 129
Level up 10 3 0 4 4 2 1

The bee is one of the most potent units in the game statistically, alongside the pillbug. Because she is a melee unit, she has good HP and defense, as well as great melee power. She also has a great speed, and decent mobility, normally reserved for the sneaky gunning flying units. If her speed is raised enough, she becomes a gambler risking little damage due to the defense, in order to completely avoid many attacks. A Winding Key boosts her MOV to the same level as fast-moving flying units, and although she can't withstand the same amount of damage as the rhino beetle can due to his gear, HP, and the powerful effects of terrain defense, her natural defense is always merely 10 away from a rhino beetle's, and her luck can sustain her even longer and more often because of it. Her attack gap increases with level because the damage equation increases as well, but her final Badlands weapon is a beam weapon, something only the pillbug gains, with speed, something no one but two gunners get.
It's worth noting that she is (somewhat) unique in that she can actually equip passive gear on her melee slot unlike half of the melee units, and she has a higher gun stat than her melee stat. However, melee power is weaker than gun power for all units on purpose, because of the melee accuracy system. While she is 40-50 behind gun users, she's a mere 15 away from the highest melee stat in the game. She is one of only two who can equip every gear in the game.


Bee StingersEdit

Drone Tactics icon MLE Tail Needle (MP+50 SPD+10)
default, unbuildable
Drone Tactics icon MLE Tail Drill (MP+60 SPD+15)
Chapter 11; Chapter 13-?? (build)
Drone Tactics icon MLE Spiked Needle (MP+70 SPD+20)
Chapter 18; Chapter 20 (build: 160t)

-Endgame Badlands-
Drone Tactics icon MLE A-Air Lance (MP+80A)
Chapter 21; Chapter 23 (build: 180t)
Drone Tactics icon MLE Beam Lance (MP+90B SPD+30)
Badlands 51

Melee WeaponsEdit

Drills and Dozers
Fangs and War Blades
Badlands Weapons

Boosters (Melee Slot)Edit

Antennas, Stabilizers, and FCS'
Gun Boosters
Overdrives and Thorax Armors
Power Armors and Converters


Vulcans and Machine
Anti-Air Systems
Blast Guns

Boosters (Gun Slot)Edit

Balancers and Radar Wings
Side Armors and Accelerators
Auto-Repairs and Hybrid Armor
Badlands Gun-Slot Boosters


Howitzers and Twin Cannons
Mega Cannons and Missiles
Badlands Cannons

Boosters (Cannon Slot)Edit

Megamotors and Radars
Energy Tanks
Badlands Cannon-Slot Boosters

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