The pillbug is an attacking defensive wall specialist. Pillbugs have the second highest attack power in the game, and for the first half of the game require no defense boosters at all. Enemy pillbugs are easily taken out by beam attacks once the player gains them, while the player's pillbug is very different. Blade pilots a pillbug drone.


Drone Tactics Unit Pillbug PILLBUG "High DEF & HP, low MOV"
tires, MOV 3. MA 140. melee-dominant ground unit. no special abilities.
weapons: various spike weapons.

LV2 310 75 5 22 49 102 101
LV16 590 145 5 50 105 130 115
LV30 870 215 5 78 161 158 129
Level up 20 5 0 2 4 2 1

Statistically, the pillbug is the second most potent normal drone in the game. Although he does not have great speed, it is moderate, and he has the biggest HP and defense pool in the game (bigger than the snail), capable of making 999HP well before level 30 if equipped with an EnergyTank. Early in the game, most melee units don't require defense boosters, but he can span most of the game without one. His defensive power will actually plateau, however, from the lack of speed compared to defense, without a speed booster. That speed booster can be a winding key, but the pillbug will then lose its attack accuracy edge. The pillbug will always require an entire turn to cross over any difficult terrain, and barely keeps up with the player without wasting many turns. This is especially noticable in the late game before he gains the Electro Spike in Badlands 41, where his attack power is very low compared to all other drones. Pillbugs are difficult to kill even with low speed due to their high HP.


Pillbug SpikesEdit

Drone Tactics icon MLE Blunt Spike (MP+50)
default, unbuildable
Drone Tactics icon MLE Claw Spike (MP+60)
Chapter 11; Chapter 13-?? (build)
Drone Tactics icon MLE Energy Spike (MP+70 HPR+10)
Chapter 18; Chapter 20 (build)
Drone Tactics icon MLE A-Air Spike (MP+80A)
Chapter 22; Chapter 24 (build)
Drone Tactics icon MLE Electro Spike (MP+90B)
Badlands 41

Melee WeaponsEdit

Drills and Dozers
Fangs and War Blades
Badlands Weapons

Melee-Slot BoostersEdit

Antennas, Stabilizers, and FCS'
Gun Boosters
Overdrives and Thorax Armors
Power Armors and Converters


Vulcans and Machine Guns
Anti-Air Systems
Blast Guns

Gun-Slot BoostersEdit

Balancers and Radar Wings
Side Armors and Accelerators
Auto-Repairs and Hybrid Armor
Badlands Gun-Slot Boosters


Howitzers and Twin Cannons
Mega Cannons and Missiles
Badlands Cannons

Cannon-Slot BoostersEdit

Megamotors and Radars
Energy Tanks
Badlands Cannon-Slot Boosters