Rhino Beetle Official Art

Official art of the Rhinoceros Beetle

The rhinoceros beetle is an counter attack specialized drone, with the highest attack power out of all the drones, and versatile defenses. Because of their incredible strength, the rhino beetle is the best drone in the game, both as K-Buto and as an enemy.


K-Buto is Yamato's partner. He is also one of only two Cimexans who are main characters and have dialogue, the other being Y-Ite, Tsubasa's partner.


Drone Tactics Unit RBeetleRBEETLE "High HP & DEF, good melee"
legs, MOV 4. MA 150. melee-dominant ground unit. no special abilities.
weapons: various 'horn' weapons +DEF.

LV2 264 33 5 32 54 102 101
LV16 460 75 5 60 110 130 115
LV30 656 117 5 88 166 158 129
Level up 14 3 0 2 4 2 1

The rhino beetle has the highest melee power of all the units, and has the high defense being a melee unit affords. He has only 4 movement range, but sets the pace for the melee drones. He is unique for his sheer ability to counter-attack,- his incredible attack power and high defense- making him one of the most useful units in the game, and the most powerful (aside from the scorpion). In the endgame Badlands, he is awarded with the most weapons of any unit, and the most potent weapon in the game. Although his final weapon is not beam, it doesn't need to be from its high attack power.


Rhino Beetle HornsEdit

Drone Tactics icon MLE Pronged Horn (MP+50)
default, unbuildable
Drone Tactics icon MLE Buzzsaw Horn (MP+70 DEF+10)
Chapter 8; Chapter 10-20 (build: 80t)
Drone Tactics icon MLE A-Air Horn (MP+80A)
Chapter 15-?? (build: 210t)
Drone Tactics icon MLE Power Horn (MP+90 HP+50)
Chapter 18; Chapter 20 (build: 160t)

-Endgame Badlands-
Drone Tactics icon MLE Electro Horn (MP+90B)
Badlands 33
Drone Tactics icon MLE Axe Horn (MP+110 DEF+30)
Badlands 43
Drone Tactics icon MLE Twin Lancers (MP+150 DEF+30 MOV+1)
Badlands 53

Melee WeaponsEdit

Drills and Dozers
Fangs and War Blades
Badlands Weapons

Boosters (Melee Slot)Edit

Antennas, Stabilizers, and FCS'
Gun Boosters
Overdrives and Thorax Armors
Power Armors and Converters


Vulcans and Machine
Anti-Air Systems
Blast Guns

Boosters (Gun Slot)Edit

Balancers and Radar Wings
Side Armors and Accelerators
Auto-Repairs and Hybrid Armor
Badlands Gun-Slot Boosters


Howitzers and Twin Cannons
Mega Cannons and Missiles
Badlands Cannons

Boosters (Cannon Slot)Edit

Megamotors and Radars
Energy Tanks
Badlands Cannon-Slot Boosters

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