The soundtrack for Drone Tactics was arranged by Motoi Sakuraba. It has not released an official soundtrack CD, so the only method of listening to the soundtrack or titling the musics is via Youtube or other media sites. The music is not grand or impressive, but is very enjoyable. Although it does not have much variance in terms of the number of musics, and most musics are overused, all battle themes and menu themes are extremely easy to listen to.

The music can be heard with much, much more clarity and immersion with headphones (from the game itself, not lower-quality uploads). In the more involved battle themes, some parts of the music previously unheard can be heard and enjoyed with headphones.

All rights for Drone Tactics and its soundtrack are to Success and Motoi Sakuraba.

Drone Tactics soundtrack submitted to Youtube

Submission is not parallel to taking profit from Success or Motoi Sakuraba, all pieces of the Drone Tactics soundtrack are free without sold copies of the soundtrack, and especially so if the listener owns or will buy it.

Opening DemoEdit


Waiting, HopefulEdit

Emblem-painting theme.

Uplifting BattleEdit

A casual battle theme, used in non-boss levels in the first two thirds of the game.

Relaxing and PreparingEdit

Hangar theme.

Foreboding DrumbeatEdit

Another casual battle theme, albeit for a more serious and engaging battle.

Stormy BattleEdit

For some ally support themes, but mostly, the Badlands battle theme. This theme is unique in that it has less depth with headphones.

Intense Battle (in a Mechanized Land)Edit

Theme of Shoya, and the battle theme for the last third of the game.

Epic Battle ThemeEdit

Underused theme for most ally support.

Ominous DrumbeatEdit

Preparations theme.

Fast BalletEdit

Simplistic theme for the rare times when the characters are without worry. The game starts with this theme.

Fanfare for the FutureEdit

ending credits?

Ambition! Victory!Edit

Winning in the Badlands.

Piano in the RainEdit

Sad theme. Very underused, but in parts in a few scenes.

Choir of GlassEdit

Mostly entirely unused Glyphs screen theme.

Safe in a SnailEdit

Card Case theme.

Impending Attack!Edit

Very rare support theme.


Common Black Swarm theme, used for the entire game.

Tension and Terror!Edit

Enemy theme for last third of the game.

Sanctum of EvilEdit

last mission?

Tyrant's Last Stand!Edit

Disturbing and wild theme.

You Saved Earth and Cimexus!Edit

Battle win theme, for collecting rewards (scrap ore, cards, experience, bonus experience)

Various FanfareEdit

Various fanfare, turn beginnings, card uses.